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Muffler Cutter[Muffler Cutter Ti]For Swift Sport ,ZC31S/ZC32S

The specifications of the Muffler Cutter Ti.
In response to our customers demands, we have developed a muffler cutter for the Swift Sport, which gives your car a sleeker, sportier appearance, whilst keeping the noise and efficiency at the same level as a normal muffler. 1.Designed exclusively for the Swift Sport。ァWe designed a fitting for standard muffler of Swift Sport that conforms to many types of cars,with a high standard.2.Material。ァWe selected titanium and processed colouring.You can enjoy the looks of a titanium muffler, whilst keeping a low level of exhaust noise. 3.Laser marking。ァThis Muffler cutter has the Suzuki Sport logo etched in by laser.

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    Model: 765500-4650M


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