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ECU [Full range sports computer N1-B plug & PFX 300 set] Every [DA64W / DA64V]

We analyzed and analyzed CAN-communicated ECUs and applied full range mapping.
You can fully demonstrate the performance in every situation and enjoy the original performance of Every.

- Full range ECU
Dynapack, chassis dynamo, engine bench, actual running etc. are repeated, boost, speed, rev limiter change, full range 3D map optimization, boost solenoid map etc. are optimized.
The full range map is developed in the same process as automobile manufacturers and top categories of racing vehicles such as F1, WR cars and GT cars.

- Aim of development
- Fuel at full range to accelerate pleasantly from anywhere, ignition timing map
- Environmental adaptation correction that can be used in various environments such as temperature and altitude
- Securement of the safety margin necessary to suppress engine damage even if an abnormal situation occurs, such as overload or breakdown of auxiliary machinery
· Improve fuel economy and environmental compatibility by optimum air fuel ratio

- Introduction of ECU trade-in system
By sending the desired ECU from the monster sports to the customer in advance and exchanging the ECU of the vehicle with the delivered ECU so that the vehicle will not become immovable.
(Required ECU undertaking)
For details, please check "Procedure for purchasing ECU at Monster online shop" on site.

- Full range sports computer specification for DA64W / V
N1-B Specs
Reference boost pressure (normal 0.8): 1.1 Fuel used: Hioku
Spark plug: # 7
· Release speed limiter
· Change rev limiter (7500 「ェ 7800 rpm)
· Boost limiter change
· Boost solenoid map change
· Change the target boost map
· Ignition 3D map optimization
· Fuel 3D map optimization

[Mounting Parts] N1 - B Mandatory
· TYPE Sp-X Street Muffler (DA64W)
· TYPE Sp-X muffler set (DA64V)
· PFX 300 air cleaner
* Matching with other company's products will be unverified << br />
* When installing parts different from specifications, be sure to contact our company before shipping ECU.

* If you are using other manufacturer's tuning ECU or reprogramming, please be sure to inquire from the monster site before shipping ECU.

[Compatible model]
ECU specification: N1-B
1 to 4 type / no setting
5 type / 5MT / 2845B0-3850M
5 type / 4AT / 2845B5-3850M
6 type / 5MT / 2845B0-3860M
6 type / 4AT / 2845B5-3860M

* When installing this product, please be sure to check / change the spark plug / air filter. If you use a plug that has been exhausted due to overdrive or a dirty air filter, misfire and knocking will occur, which will lead to damage to the engine.
* Commercial boost controller combined use is prohibited.
* Because this product is handled differently from genuine parts (standard parts), vehicle security repair etc may not be able to be received. Please note.
* If you use this product, it will significantly affect the durability of the vehicle, such as the engine and drive train. Please note.
* Check the state of the fuel pump beforehand, and if performance deterioration is seen, please exchange it to a new one. With the fuel pump whose performance has deteriorated with aged use, the fuel injection amount is insufficient, which leads to damage of each part. In case
* This product does not correspond to "Immediate day rewriting ECU" of Monster Shizuoka Iwata shop. In case
* Please send the ECU to the following address.
1438 Hirama, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka prefecture 438-0203
Tajima Motor Corporation Sales Department
Tel 0538-66-6761
* We will receive 1 ~ 2 business days from receipt of order to ECU shipping. Please note.

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