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Turbo kit [F120-M turbo kit Hyper(Buff)] cappuccino [EA11R] *** special special fare / individual home delivery unavailable ***

The F120-M turbo kit is a turbo kit which used luxuriously the monster sports engine tuning parts and is a kit product for demonstrating absolute power.

Adopted RHB 31 FW Hyper which made the large diameter of the intake side impeller of RHB 31 FW which is very popular for a long time long. It securely secures the turbine air volume in the high revolution range and demonstrates power without leaving it at the allowable engine speed.

In addition, the F6A exercises the exhaust manifold, and the K6A exercises 120ps as the component up to the exhaust manifold + high flow cam shaft.
(Required ECU trade-in)

。ホCompatible model]
Cappuccino [EA 11 R] 91.09 - 95.05

* Depending on the timing you order, it may take a long delivery time due to the small number of arrivals. Please note.
⋆ Price at trade-in (For details see the "About the ECU trade-in system")
⋆ This item is for the competition only.
⋆ Banned with a boost controller such as supercharging pressure adjustment products prohibited.
* We also offer turbo chargers alone as repair parts.
Turbo charger simplex exemption price & yen; 165,000 ~
Exclusive gasket set tax excl. Price & yen; 3,500

· For installation, processing of the bumper and front under cover is required.
· Conformity with other bumper is not confirmed.
* This product is recommended for use with Monster Sports Complete Engine.

[Set contents]
· Turbocharger (RHB 31 FW Hyper)
· Dedicated computer
· Dedicated injector
· High flow intercooler Type-2
· High flow cam shaft (EA21R only) Spark plug # 9
· Gasket set for turbo kit
· Water hose
· Exhaust manifold

* Please send the ECU to the following address.
Hirama, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka prefecture 438-0203
Tajima Motor Corporation Sales Division
Tel 0538-66-6761

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