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Exhaust manifold [Exhaust manifold (with exhaust boss sensor mounting boss) • Thermal insulation plate set] CARA [PG6SS] / AZ-1 [PG6SA]

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Exhaust manifold
Feed back the know-how of development of high performance exhaust manifold based on experience of WRC and S1600 rally engine development to exhaust manifold for character / PG 6SS AZ - 1 / PG 6 SA F 6A.
We designed the flow path length short, designed to aim for power up in the whole area without sacrificing the boost 's rising response.
With a genuine compressor out pipe, there is a danger of interfering with the exhaust manifold, so a dedicated compressor out pipe is also set.

[Product Specification]
Pipe diameter: dia. 27.0 mm ~dia.25.0 mm
Shape: 3-1 type
Material: Heat resistant cast steel
Weight: about 2.5 kg (normal about 1.8 kg)
Sensor boss screw size: PT 1/8 (threaded only with boss specification)

* 1 Genuine thermal shield cover can not be installed. If you do not install the supplied "SUS heat shield plate", please take measures against thermal shock to the battery shroud, air conditioning piping, harness.
* 2 The lid of the boss hole is attached. Please attach this lid when not attaching sensor.
* 3 Gaskets are not included. Please purchase separately.
* 4 Blow off valves can not be installed. (It comes with parts for canceling blow off.)

[Compatible model]
CARA [PG6SS] 93.01 - 95.12 / F6A DOHC TURBO
AZ-1 [PG 6 SA] 92.10 to 95.09 / F 6 A DOHC TURBO

* After mounting this product, please check the spark plug. Please use spark plugs more suitable for specifications and conditions.
* Check the state of the fuel pump beforehand, and if performance deterioration is seen, please exchange it to a new one. With the fuel pump whose performance has deteriorated with aged use, the fuel injection amount is insufficient, which leads to damage of each part.
* The thermal effect on the surroundings becomes stronger for normal products. Apply heat shielding measures as necessary.
* This product is not considered in combination with engine parts made by other companies, other manufacturer's intake / exhaust parts.
* This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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    Model: 255500-2900MS


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