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Turbo Kit [R100 Turbo Kit Upgrade Kit] Alto Works [HA36S]

HA36S Alto Works For the R06A engine to draw out further potential, it is a developed bolt on turbo kit.

It is a version up kit of R100 turbo.

* Applicable only to customers already equipped with Monstersport Full Range ECU (N1 - B, N1 - C).

[Compatible models]
Alto Works [HA36S] 15.12 ~ (1 type ~) / FF / MT / R06A / DOHC turbo
* 5 AGS car, 4WD car is being checked for conformity

* Please send special purchase order form and rewriting ECU to the following address. Ryuhyo Hiribara, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka prefecture 438-0213 665
To Tajima Motor Corporation Sales Department
Tel 0538 - 66 - 6761 / Fax 0538 - 66 - 7583

    Model: 185300-7350M


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