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MONSTER FXtune Suspension Alto Works / Alto Turbo RS [HA36S] for FF vehicles

" Flexible & amp; FinePerformance"

High balance tuning which makes fearless low form and running compatible with street.
A car height adjustment suspension that handles street to sports runs with car height and ride taste that can be set.

[Compatible model]
Alto Works [HA36S] 15.12 ~ (1 type ~) FF * 1, * 2, * 3
Alto Turbo RS [HA36S] 15.03 - (1 type ~) FF * 1 * 2, * 3

Shock absorber structure: low pressure gas enclosure double cylinder type (upright type) [front and rear]
Damping force: 32 steps [front], 14 steps [rear] * 4
Spring constant N / mm (kgf / mm): 34.5 (3.5) [front], 24.5 (2.5) [Rear]
Standard car height: -35 mm [Front / rear] * 5
Effective vehicle height adjustment range (reference) -25〜-45 [Front ]/-30〜-40[ rear] * 5, 6, 7 Maximum vehicle height adjustment range (reference) 0〜-50 [Front ]/-25〜-45[ rear]* 5, 6, 7 Minimum ground clearance 115 mm (when the car height is -35 mm) * 5, 5
Others: - Normal upper mount diversion - Normal thrust bearing diversion - Security standard conformity * 9

* 1 It is a special item for FF car (2WD car). 4WD cars can not be installed due to the different structure.
* 2 The driving characteristics and the vehicle height of this product are those aiming for best matching in Alto Works 5 MT car. As with normal cars, 5 AGS cars are slightly lower in front and rear car height balance than the 5 MT car (absolute car height at the front is low).
* 3 For HA36S Alto other than those conforming to the above model, it can not be installed because the rod diameter of the front shock absorber is different. You can install it by using parts for HA36S Alto Works (Turbo RS) for the front strut upper support, thrust bearing, spring upper seat, dust boot & amp; bump cushion. However, we do not consider car height and driving characteristics in that case.
* 4 When adjusting the damping force on the front passenger side, it is necessary to shift the fixing of the ECU.
* 5 The figures are reference data of HA36S Alto Works 5MT 2WD grade (when full of fuel, no occupant). It depends on the specifications of the vehicle (grade, supercharger presence / absence, drive system, individual vehicle difference, tire outside diameter etc), equipment and luggage conditions, fuel loading etc.
* 6 "Valid vehicle height adjustment range" of this product is the adjustment range of the vehicle height that the margin of interference, durability, etc. is within our assumption and it is effective for running. "Maximum vehicle height adjustment range" is an adjustment range of adjustable vehicle height due to the structure of the product. In areas outside the "effective vehicle height adjustment range", interference and play may occur or product life may be shortened.
* 7 Because the coil spacer (vehicle height adjuster) for adjusting the vehicle height is used on the rear side, depending on the vehicle height change, "structure etc. change inspection" may be required. For details, please refer to notes on appendix.
* 8 Reference data concerning the safety standard of the Road Trucking Vehicle Act (as of May 30, H30), this is reference data at the relevant part (in case of all normal products except for this product). Numerical values are indicated on the safe side in increments of 5 mm with respect to measured values. Also, it is limited to the case of using the specified installation / adjustment method. In addition, depending on the combination of aerodynamic parts and exhaust system parts installed at the same time, this is not the limit.
* 9 This product is equivalent in performance and quality to the conventional product "Vehicle Height Adjustment Suspension Set (Part Number: 554500-7310 M)" (excluding some parts shape etc.). Product name was renewed since June 2018.

* Other, please refer to notes

* When installing this product (wearing parts with changing vehicle height), proper alignment adjustment and optical axis adjustment are required.
* Please check the Monster site with genuine HID headlight (Discharge headlamp) equipped car.
To make initial setting of headlight auto leveling system with this vehicle,
It requires a special tool (SUZUKI scan tool "SUZUKI - SDT II" or a substitutable diagnostic tool).
* We do not consider the influence of mounting of this product about operation of various camera sensor and sensing radar, control of collision damage mitigation brake (pre-crash safe system / radar brake support, etc.) and control of erroneous launch suppression function. As vehicle height changes, the vehicle attitude in each vehicle behavior, the irradiation range of the radar, the recognition range of the camera, etc. change from the normal vehicle, so there is a possibility that the control and operation may be affected depending on the situation. (Limited to compatible models of products, we have designed with difficult specifications for check lamp lighting and failsafe operation etc. in normal safe driving range.)
* This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.
* Coil spacer (rear car high adjuster) is "Designated external item" because it is not included in "designated parts (minor change automobile parts)" determined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's notification. "Structural change etc. inspection" is necessary when the total height (actual measurement value) of the vehicle in the mounted state of the coil spacer ("specified external item") is not within the range of 。゙ 4 cm with respect to the total height described in the automobile inspection certificate . "Structural change change inspection" is unnecessary when it is within the range of 。゙ 4 cm by adjusting the car height.
For details, please check the Monster site.

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