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Meter [Pillar meter hood dia.60 gray · grained and painted finish] For Swift Sports [ZC33S] / Swift [ZC13S]

MONSTER SPORT meter mount concept. A smart meter hood that balances the sense of unity between visibility and interior.

In addition to arranging the meter at the position & angle that the driver can easily see, securing visibility with its own layout to embed in the pillar.
It is a smart meter hood which combines sophisticated design and functionality in vain. Swift Sports & Swift Design only.

[Compatible model]
Swift Sports [ZC33S] 17.09 ~ (1 type ~)
[ZC13S] 17.01 - (1 type ~) RSt
[ZC43S] 17.07 ~ (Type 1 ~) HYBRID SL / HYBRID SG
[ZC 53 S / Z D 53 S] 17.01 - (1 type ~) HYBRID SL / HYBRID SG
[ZC83S / ZD83S] 17.01 ~ (1 type ~) RS / XS / XG
* You can install at the same time with genuine tweeter and tweeter cover.

Material: FRP
Finish: gray sieve painted finish
Corresponding meter: 60ヲオ electronic formula (diameter ヲユ60 x depth 40 mm recommended)
Product structure
· Main body x 1
· Double-sided tape x 3
· Plate tapping screw x 4
· Monster Sport emblem x 1
· Processing paper x 1
· Instruction manual x 1
attachment: · Genuine pillar cover drilling process
· Fix with tapping screw and double-sided tape
Standard installation manhour: 1.0 h

Precautions on installation
Drilling of the pillar interior cover is necessary for mounting this product.
Also, meter body and harness etc are not included in this product.

* Because of handmade, you may get time to deliver. Please note.
* Drilling processing of the pillar interior cover is required for mounting of this product.
* The meter body is sold separately.
* The depth from the installation surface of the electronic meter that can be mounted is 40 mm or less (reference attached image is made by Nippon Seiki's Defi Racer Gauge).
* We do not assume installation of mechanical type meter.
* This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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    Model: 851510-7600M


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