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Meter [3 meter pod (dia.60 specifications)] Swift Sports [ZC33S] / Swift [ZC13S]

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MONSTER SPORT meter mount concept. A smart meter pod that balances the sense of unity between visibility and interior design.

Examine the mount angle independently for each meter, place the meter at the position & amp; angle that the driver can easily see.
Swift Sports & Swift Special design designed to combine design and functionality, considering not only sports but also street driving.

- 3 hole independent axis layout

- Design

- Surface treatment

[Compatible model]
Swift Sports [ZC33S] 17.09 ~ (1 type ~)
[ZC13S] 17.01 - (1 type ~) RSt
[ZC43S] 17.07 ~ (Type 1 ~) HYBRID SL / HYBRID SG
[ZC 53 S / Z D 53 S] 17.01 - (1 type ~) HYBRID SL / HYBRID SG
[ZC83S / ZD83S] 17.01 ~ (1 type ~) RS / XS / XG

Material: FRP
Finish: Matt black · grain paint finish
Weight: about 0.4 kg
Corresponding meter: Meter recommendation dia. 60 x 40 mm or less
Mounting: double-sided adhesive tape
(Trimming to the dashboard is required for wiring)
Product structure
· Triple meter pod (dia. 60) main body
Etching Emblem

Precautions on installation
To install this product, hole processing to the dashboard is necessary for harness connection.
Also, meter body and harness etc are not included in this product.

* Because of handmade, you may get time to deliver. Please note.
* Drilling to the dashboard is required for harness handling to mount this product.
* The meter body is sold separately.
* Depth from mounting surface of electronic meter that can be attached is 40 mm or less (Reference mounting meter for image is made by Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.).
* We do not assume installation of mechanical type meter.
* This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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    Model: 853160-7600M


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