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Swift Sports [ZC33S] / Swift RS [ZC13S] Other Carbon GT Wing*** Special fare / private home delivery not available separately ***

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[Compatible model]
Swift Sports [ZC33S] 17.09 ~
Swift HYBRID RS [ZC53S / ZD53S] 17.01 ~
Swift RSt [ZC13S] 17.01 ~
Swift RS [ZC83S / ZD83S] 17.01 ~
* "Swift Sports" and "Swift RS Series Grade" only conform to

Material: C-FRP
Specifications: Clear gel coat finish (some black gel finish) * 1, * 2
Weight: 3 kg
· Bolt
· Double-sided tape
· Epothailer
· Extended harness
· Hole closing sheet
Etching Emblem
· Non-machined bolt onion
· Double-sided tape bonding
· High mount stop lamp installed genuine products diversion
Vehicle dimensional change: None
Other: Conform to safety standards * 3

[Notes on FRP products]
Clear gel coat products are based on clear painting. Be sure to apply clear paint (paint recommended with UV cut effect). Clear gel coat surface may deteriorate in a short time when clear painting is not done.
Also, due to the nature of the carbon fiber, the body may warp or the fiber pattern may not be uniform.

* 1 This item is unpainted item. Vehicle-mounted items in the image are separately painted clearly.
* 2 We do not accept sales and estimates of painted items. Please consult the monster pro shop or a dealer near you.
* 3 Reference data relating to the safety standard of the Road Trucking Vehicle Act (as of February 30, 2003) (Normal state except for this item). Also, it is limited to the case of using the specified installation state / handling method. However, depending on the combination of customized parts etc. being installed at the same time, this is not the limit.

* Because it is made-to-order products by handmade, it may get time to deliver. Please note.
* This product is unpainted item. Please be sure to apply paint before use.
* We do not sell painted items or estimate. Please consult Monsters Sports directly managed store or Pro shop near you.
* This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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