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Cam[High flow cam shaft] for Cappuccino [EA21R]

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For each element such as cam duration angle, valve lift, valve timing, etc., trial manufacture and testing are thoroughly pursued and the best balance is pursued. I have led a cam profile that does not sacrifice low rotation while gaining high rotation elongation. As a genuine compatible type with the cam sprocket also set, it is a high flow cam shaft that balances performance and durability in an extremely high dimension.

- Improved Usability
Valve timing is set already, it can be installed by replacing with normal camshaft.
(There may be occasions when tappet clearance adjustment is required depending on the vehicle.)

- Surface treatment
Improved initial conformability at the time of assembly by applying manganese phosphate surface treatment. Furthermore, it improves slidability and realizes smooth cam movement.

- Working angle · Maximum valve lift
IN: 256 degree CA / 8.2 mm
EX: 256 degree CA / 8.2 mm

[Compatible model]
Cappuccino [EA21R] 95.6 ~ / K6A turbo / 5MT

* ECU rewriting is required separately.
* Valve clearance adjustment is required when changing camshaft.
* The cam sprocket will be press fitted.
* AT car does not conform.

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    Model: 119500-2830M


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