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[Frame Brace Center] Swift Sports [ZC33S] for FF

Product Features
- Rigidity
It is exchanged with the normal thin steel plate pressed product, and it connects the opening of the floor tunnel more firmly, thereby improving the rigidity efficiently.
- Light weight
Lightweight and high rigidity aluminum alloy is used as a material so as not to damage & quot; light & quot; which is also the attraction of Swift Sports. By combining bending by pressing and machining by machining, weight gain was suppressed while securing strength.
- Dress up
The shapes derived from three-dimensional strength analysis, shaping using machining processing and monster red finishing, have a strong presence combining functionality and dress-up.

Product information (conform / specification)
[Compatible model]
Model: SUZUKI Swift Sports | Model: ZC33S | Year: 17.09 ~ (1 type ~) | Driving method: FF * 1
Model: SUZUKI Swift | Model: ZC13S / ZC43S / ZC53S / ZC83S | Year: 17.01 ~ (1 type ~) Drive system: FF * 1 | Remarks: * 2

Material: Aluminum alloy (bending + scraping processing)
Finish: alumite red
Exhaust pipe clearance: Equivalent to normal product
Minimum ground clearance * 3: No effect (the ground level of this brace section is -7 mm from the normal item)
Weight: 340 g (including mounting bolt included)
Product composition: Brace body x 1 / Mounting bolt x 2
* 1 It is a special item for FF car (2WD car). 4WD car can not be installed.
* 2 Suitable only for vehicles equipped with genuine brace.
* 3 Reference data concerning the safety standards of the Road Trucking Vehicle Law (as of April 30, H30), which is reference data at the relevant part (in the case of all normal products except for this product). It is limited to use with specified installation / adjustment method. Depending on the combination with other parts being installed at the same time, this is not the limit.

* This product may be canceled specification change without notice.

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    Model: 754100-7650M


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