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Radiator [Silicon Radiator Hose] Swift Sports [ZC33S]

When running in sports, engine cooling water reaching 100 C is sent to the radiator at a pressure exceeding 1.2k. It is an extreme condition requiring heat resistance, pressure resistance, low resistance, which is not regarded as a problem in normal use. Even in sports driving conditions like this, we have commercialized a radiator hose that can be used with confidence in a set with a special reinforced hose band.

The hose is a structure that has been proven in various motor sports, 4 layers of VMQ (high strength silicone rubber), and further reinforced by polyester net to prevent bulging of hose.

For the hose band, we adopted dual bead specification reinforced goods which have also been proven in SX4WRC and JWRC Swift S1600. A double bead is provided to improve the sealing performance and at the same time make it a flash surface with a stainless steel shield to prevent hose damage due to the edge of the band.

Double Structure Hose Band
Internal Double Bearing Improves Sealing

[Compatible model]
Swift Sports [ZC33S] 17.09 ~ / K14C Turbo

[Product Specification]
Product composition: Radiator hose (Loa x 1 · Upper x 1) / Hose Band x 4
Hose diameter (inlet / outlet): Outer diameter: dia.32 mm Inner diameter: dia. 26 mm

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    Model: 265500-7650M


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