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Swift Sports [ZC33S] Rear Under Spoiler / Carbon

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Rear under spoiler full of sportsmind embodying running and functional beauty

It is an aero part that optimizes front and rear aerodynamic balance by rectifying the flow of air from the front to the rear.
It has an overwhelming presence and makes us feel the sporty running.

- Functionality
Have a sense of unity with the body, efficiently arrange the turbulent air entering the tire house, and realize stable running.

- Aerodynamic performance
Based on the normal shape, the rear 40 mm and the side 30 mm are extended, the ability as aero parts is raised to the maximum, and aerodynamic performance is obtained more effectively.

- Racing style
By choosing the carbon type, for carbon parts of normal parts, You can earn bigger advantage than the surrounding by the overwhelming presence of real carbon.
By co-wearing "Carbon GT Wing", the rear view is a completed style of running.

- Exterior standard compliance It complies with various exterior criteria. We finished in quality that you can use with confidence.

* This product is CFRP / twill carbon product.

Swift Sports [ZC33S] 17.09 ~

Material: CFRP / twill carbon * 1
Weight (left and right 1 set): Approximately 672 g
Installation: genuine parts drilling processing / tapping screw, fixing with resin clip
Accessory: resin clip x 2 / tapping screw x 2
Standard installation time: 1 H (excluding paint)

[Caution concerning carbon products]
Because of the nature of the carbon fiber, the main body may warp or the pattern of the fiber may not be uniform.
This product is harder than the resin (PP, ABS, PC, etc.) used for genuine bumper etc., the material is hard, add excessive force, or if it falls it may crack, so be careful Please give me.

* 1 Carbon products are clear gel coat finish, but they do not last as long as painted surfaces. Before use, it is possible to keep gloss for a long period by applying clear paint with UV cutting effect.

* This product will be sold in one set on the left and right. There is no product setting on only one side.
* Because of handmade, you may get time to deliver. Please note.
* This product has no notice

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    Model: 738510-7650M


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