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Luggage mat [Luggage mat] Jimny [JB23W] Jimny · Wide / Sierra [JB33W / JB43W]

Developing a large luggage mat for users who regularly use two-person riding and flattened by luggage box etc.
Jimny / Jimny Sierra's fitting for the trunk room, coordinates the interior.
It prevents baggage misalignment and protects luggage and car from scratches.
Moreover, by adopting material with sound insulation function, it contributes to reduction of exhaust noise and noise.
The back side is a simple structure of rubber spikes only, it is also useful as a leisure seat.

* The photograph is a thing raised so that the rear seat bag and the luggage space which it knocked down are close to a flat, and it is not one which becomes flat only with this product It is an example using SUZUKI genuine accessory "rear luggage box" for raising).

Embroidery "MONSTER SPORT" logo is entered. The back side is specially designed for high-end SBS spikes, to prevent misalignment. The material has deodorant, antibacterial and sound insulation function.

Together with the exclusive floor mat, total coordination of the interior is also recommended.

Jimny [JB 23W] 1998.10 - / 5 MT / 4 AT
Jimny Wide [JB 33 W / JB 43 W 1998.01 - / 5 MT / 4 AT
Jimny Sierra [JB 43 W] 2002.01 - / 5 MT / 4 AT
Mazda AZ - Offroad [JM23W] 98.10 - 14.03 / 5MT / 4AT
Luggage space flattening box etc. Recommended
Size (mm): Width 910 x Front-rear direction 860

[Attention on this product]
It is a product that is premised on the use of a rear luggage box or the like where the rear seat bag and the luggage space which are tilted forward become flat.

* For consultation concerning flattening of the luggage room, please consult the monster pro shop or a dealer near you.
* This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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    Model: 894570-5200M


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