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Suspension [MONSTER FXtune Suspension] Suspension Set Wagon R / Stingray [MH 55 S Other] For FF Car

"Flexible & FinePerformance"
High balance tuning which makes fearless low form and running compatible with street.
Almighty car height adjustment suspension that runs across the street with setting height capable of car height and ride.

[Compatible model] FF car
Wagon R Stingray [MH 55 S] 17.01 - (1 type ~)
Wagon R [MH 55 S / MH 35 S] 17.01 - (1 type ~)
MAZDA Flare [MJ55S] 17.03 ~

* 4WD cars can not be installed due to the different structure.
* The running characteristics and the vehicle height of this item are those aimed at matching with the wagon R STINGRAY (stabilizer equipped vehicle). When installing in other stabilizer non-equipment grades, the absolute amount of roll increases for stabilizer equipped vehicles.
* When adjusting the damping force on the front passenger side, it is necessary to shift the fixing of the ECU.

Shock absorber structure: Double-tube type with low pressure gas enclosure (erection type)
Damping force: front 32 steps adjustment / rear 14 step adjustment
Spring constant: Front 38.5 (3.9) / Rear 28.5 (2.9)
Standard car height (reference): -35 mm
Effective vehicle height adjustment range (reference): front -25 to -45 / rear-30 to -40 / screw type
Maximum vehicle height adjustment range (reference): Front 0 to - 45 mm / rear - 25 to - 45 mm
Minimum ground clearance (reference): 115 mm (-35 mm car height)
· Conformity to safety standards
· Normal upper mount peripheral component diversion

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    Model: 554500-7510M


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