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Duct [Fender duct] Alto Works / Alto Turbo RS [HA36S]

Fender duct that realizes sporty running with excellent cooling function and styling

The cooling function is maximized by the exhaust heat effect.
Simple and sophisticated styling that accelerates pleasure driving a car.

- Cooling performance
By opening an opening in the fender, it is possible to release the heat in the engine compartment and to continuously capture fresh air.
- Function Shape
The spindle-shaped ducts accelerate the flow velocity of air passing through the side of the vehicle body and the duct portion becomes the state of negative pressure, so that the air can be efficiently drawn out and high cooling performance and more sporty running can be realized I will.
- Exterior standard compliance It complies with various exterior criteria. We finished in quality that you can use with confidence.

Alto Works [HA36S / 15.12 ~]
Alto Turbo RS [HA36S / 15.03 ~]
Alto [HA 36 S / 14.12 ~]

Material: FRP
Specification: Black gel coat finish (unpainted) * 1, * 2 1 set on the left and right
· Genuine fender drilling processing · M5 stud bolt bonded to the product, so after tightening the nut tightening
· M5 flange nut x 4 · Opening mesh x 2 · MONSTER emblem x 2
Standard installation time: 1 H (excluding paint)

[Notes on FRP products]
Because FRP gel coat products are based on painting, there may be cases where matching streaks and small dents of molds that appear during molding are produced on the product surface. Be sure to perform the base treatment and then paint it before use.

* 1 This product is an unpainted item. We have painted vehicle mounted items in the image.
* 2 Sales of painted items or estimates are not accepted. Please consult the monster pro shop or a dealer near you.

* Because of handmade, it may take time to deliver. Please note.
* This item is unpainted item. Please be sure to apply paint before use.
* Sales of painted items or estimates are not received. Please consult Monsters Sports directly managed store or Pro shop near you.
* This product may be canceled specification change without notice.

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    Model: 781500-7350M


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