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Muffler [Sp-X Dual Street Muffler] For Swift Sports [ZC33S] ***Special fare / private home delivery not availabl***

Stainless steel high quality tuning muffler, "Sp-X Dual Street Muffler" for Swift Sports [ZC33S], which combines volume control and exhaust performance at a high level

- Sound Tuning
While restraining to the volume presupposed to conform to safety standards, it finished in a gentle and sporty sound.

- Exhaust performance
By adopting the main pipe of dia.60 (after branching to the right and left, dia.50.8), it also reduces the exhaust resistance by managing a pipe that considers a smooth exhaust flow.
The inside of the silencer has a straight structure to further improve the exhaust efficiency.

- Quality
We adopted a stainless steel material silencer and pipe excellent in aesthetics and corrosion resistance and made a slash cut matching the inclination of the bumper with a tail end of dia. 100. It makes a sense of unity with the vehicle in total and contributes to the upgrade of the rear style.

- Regulatory compliance
Corresponding to "Pre-certification system for replacement muffler", the silencer department is equipped with certification acquisition display plate ("Performance etc. confirmed display").
Of course, you can clearly say "1998 noise regulation" and "exterior technical standard (external protrusion regulation)", you can wear it securely with compliance with safety standards.

[Compatible model]
Swift Sports [ZC33S] 17.9 ~ / K14C Turbo / 6MT /6AT

* This set of front pipe + center pipe is incompatible with Sp - X dual sports muffler exhaust set (253590 - 7650 M).

[Product Specification]
Main pipe diameter: dia.60
Branch left and right after pipe diameter: dia.50.8
Tail end diameter: dia.100
Material quality
Main pipe: SUS304
Silencer: SUS304
Weight: about 6.7 kg (genuine about 9.2 kg)
Proximity Exhaust Noise: 89 db Security standards for road transport vehicles: conforming
Heisei 10th noise regulation: conformity
Technical standard of exterior (external protrusion regulation): conforming
Pre-certification system for replacement muffler: correspondence
Product accessories
· Flange gasket x 1
· Ring gasket x 1
· Set of bolt nuts
· Thermal insulation sheet x 1
· Documentation

*There may be differences in the amount of protrusion from the bumper of the left and right muffler tails due to individual differences in the vehicle.
* In the state where heat has entered the muffler during running or just after driving, there is a case that there is a difference in the amount of protrusion from the bumper of the left and right muffler tail due to the thermal expansion of the metal, but this is not a malfunction.
* To install this product, more than two workers are required.
* It can not be installed except compatible models.
* Other bumper, other aero parts compliance is not confirmed.
* There is a part where the gap of each part becomes small, not the same as the normal car and the pipe handling and thickness are not the same.
* Because the diameter of the muffler tail is large, the gap with the bumper will be small. Also, when the muffler tail comes into contact with the bumper, the bumper melts.
* The 1998 noise regulation refers to the reference value of 96 dB of proximity exhaust noise (decibel: unit of sound magnitude).
* The proximity exhaust noise value of this product and conformity to various standards are those at the time of brand new.
* The muffler is a consumable item. The volume will increase with use. It also corrodes.

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