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Radiator [Silicon Radiator Hose] for Alto Works / turbo RS [HA36S]

When running in sports, engine cooling water, which may exceed 100 degree C, is sent to the radiator at a pressure exceeding 1.2k. Although it is not regarded as a problem in normal use, we will commercialize a radiator hose that can be used with confidence by enhancing reliability in the extreme conditions requiring heat resistance, pressure resistance, low resistance during sports driving, and a set of dedicated reinforced hose bands did.

In addition to the four layer structure of VMQ (high strength silicone rubber) boasting high heat resistance, pressure resistance and durability and three layers of polyester net laminate + oil seal silicon for improvement of sealability, polyester net prevents bulging of hose I will. As a result, it was designed to be able to withstand engine cooling water, which is high heat and high pressure during sports driving.
We have set up a reinforced hose band to increase the reliability of the hose connection. Dual bead seals enhance sealing performance and floating the edge of the band from the hose prevents attacks on the hose and prevents troubles beforehand.
In addition, corrosion resistance is improved by making the material stainless steel.

- Compliance information
Alto Works [HA36S] 15.12 ~ / R06A / Turbo / 5MT, 5AGS
Alto Turbo RS [HA36S] 15.3 ~ / R06A / Turbo / 5AGS
Alto [HA36S] 14.12 ~ / R06A / NA / 5MT, 5AGS *
Alto van [HA36V] 14.12 ~ / R06A / NA / 5MT, 5AGS
* CVT car will be out of conformity

- Product Specifications
Product composition: Radiator hose (Loa x 1 · Upper x 1) / Hose band x 4
Hose diameter: Outer diameter: dia. 35 / inner diameter: dia. 25 mm

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    Model: 265500-7350M


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