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Aerodynamics bumper front 86 [ZN 6] *** Special fare / private home delivery not available separately ***

Aerodynamics design that embodies functional beauty, combining performance and styling.

Aero bumper which built shape by wind tunnel experiment and thoroughly checked aerodynamic performance.
Unique front mask that creates downforce produces overwhelming presence.

[Product Features]

- Downforce
With a unique shape to depress both sides of the long nose design and bumper, while drawing air, the canard shape at the bottom of the headlight creates an overwhelming downforce as a road car.
In addition to extending the front air dam by 30 mm in the front 30 mm downwards, the lower part of the bumper is flat and tapered. By increasing the flow velocity of the air flowing to the road surface and lowering the pressure of the floor, downforce is obtained more efficiently.

- Improvement of cooling performance
By enlarging the opening of the front part with respect to normal, it increases the volume of air that strikes the radiator and demonstrates excellent cooling performance.

- Design that releases functional beauty
While having excellent aerodynamic performance, while considering matching with the vehicle design, I finished it with a design sticking to aggressive and textured.
Also designed to be able to wear a genuine blinker of the 86 first-half model. By raising the mounting position 25 mm compared to normal, you earn a blinker ground above the lowdown.
86 Genuine fog lamp unit of earlier model can be installed.

- Exterior standard compliance It complies with various exterior criteria. We finished in quality that you can use with confidence.
Certain performance backed up fruits as a real aero device.
We built thoroughly with know-how based on processes and achievements similar to those of Pikes Peak and WR Car, using proprietary moving belt type wind tunnel equipment which is the dominant in Japan.

[Product information]

[Compatible model]
TOYOTA 86 [ZN 6] 12.04 - 16.07 (previous term)
Remarks: In the case of a fog lamp non-wearing grade, the fog lamp mounting hole will remain open.

[Precautions concerning conformity]
86 We do not guide about the latter model and the procedure when diverting it to BRZ. When diversion is installed, some processing contents are different, or genuine parts exchange / removal etc. are required.
Also, when diversion is installed, the mounting hole for the previous turn signal turn indicator will remain open and genuine fog lamp unit for each latter term model can not be installed.

Material: FRP
Specification: Black gel coat finish (unpainted) * 1 , * 2

· Genuine bumper attachment point diversion · · Fog lamp, Front turn indicator fixed stay stay
· Partial removal of the lower part of the headlight unit
(Interference with blinker)
- Genuine inner resin parts part removal & amp; cutting processing

· Bolt & amp; nut set complete · Mounting stays set
· MONSTER emblem x 1
· Opening net x 1
· Opening cover panel x 1
· Opening wind guidance panel x 2     

Change in vehicle dimension
For normal vehicles,
· Bumper height above ground is reduced by 20 mm.
· The total length of the vehicle will be 30 mm longer. * 3

[Notes on FRP products]
Because FRP gel coat products are based on painting, there may be cases where matching streaks and small dents of molds that appear during molding are produced on the product surface. Be sure to perform the base treatment and then paint it before use.

* 1 This product is an unpainted item. Vehicle-mounted items in the image are painted around the blinkers & fog lamps (not separate body bezels).
* 2 Sales of painted items or estimates are not accepted. Please consult the monster pro shop or a dealer near you.
* 3 About the time of vehicle inspection, continuous inspection time will not be subject to structure change inspection, please be careful about handling of new registration inspection etc etc. However, it is not limited to this, depending on the height of the car, in combination with other aero parts.
Because of handmade, it may take time to deliver. Please note.
* This item is unpainted item. Please be sure to apply paint before use.
* Sales of painted items or estimates are not received. Please consult Monsters Sports directly managed store or Pro shop near you.
* This product may be canceled specification change without notice.

This item becomes the application of the special fare, separately pay the fare irrespective of the purchase price.
Special fares are not reflected in shopping basket, automatic outgoing mail. We will inform you of the fare separately from our company, so please wait. (In the case of transfer, please wait for remittance processing so far)

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