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[Floor Mat] for Swift Sports [ZC33S] / Swift [ZC13S / ZC43S / ZC53S / ZD53S / ZC83S / ZD83S]

It is a floor mat of monster sports refined to sporty design, reliable functionality, premium texture.

I stick to the material and the basis weight ( * 1 ), and finished it into a high-quality fabric. For front seats, embroidered with monster sports logo, black x red contrast gives the interior a glittering appearance.

Functionality also comes with origami. We support the sports driving firmly by durable material and offset prevention structure, heel pad equipment.
Furthermore, keep the interior of the passenger compartment clean by antibacterial / deodorant function.

* 1 The weight per unit area means the weight per unit area, and in the case of the floor mat, it indicates the density (thickness and quantity) of the yarn (pile).

- Brand Logo
For the front, embroidered emblem. Arranged so that it faces the front when opening the door. We invite you to a fine driving.

- Heel pad
We equipped a heel pad for driver's seat, and improved durability.

- Border embroidery
Dense stitch reinforces the mat end.

Misalignment prevention processing
The rear side arranges the claws and demonstrates high grip performance.

- Conformity · Product information
Swift Sports [ZC33S] 2017.9 ~ / MT / AT
Swift [ZC13S / ZC53S / ZD53S / ZC83S / ZD83S / ZC43S] 2017.1 ~ / MT / AT / CVT / 5AGS
Swift [ZC43S] 2017.7 ~ / MT / AT / CVT / 5AGS

[Product composition]
· Mat driver's seat x 1
· Mat passenger side side x 1
· Mat rear seat right x 1
· Mat back seat left x 1 · Mat center in back center x 1
· Mat fixing clip x 2 · Explanatory documents x 1

Notes - Monster Sports Floor Mat Series。ロ
* The fixed part by the clip etc. on the driver's seat side is compatible with each car's genuine accessory setting item, but it is used for other connection & amp; fitting etc. Hook and Velcro are exclusive items, so there may be no compatibility.
* Dimensional shape is different from those adopted for each car original accessory.
* The monster sports floor mat gives priority to convenience and functionality as a mat, giving a clearance to the operation pedal more than each genuine accessory, without compromising safety There are products that are set to be small in the range.
* The antibacterial and deodorant function diminishes as the use progresses.

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