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Rear wing [GT wing] for cappuccino [EA11R / EA21R]

[1] Improve running stability
We improved the tail shape where turbulent flow is likely to occur, developed for stability and improvement of traction.

[2] Finish with luxury feeling
Aluminum cut-out stay with black alumite produces a high-class feeling.

[3] Ultra thin sheet
We succeeded in weight saving by increasing the rigidity by 3 dimensional shape design and making the impregnating process of resin into handmade recipe by skilled workers.

- Compatible model
Cappuccino [EA11R / EA21R]

- Product Specifications
FRP / (black gel coat finish)

  · FRP gel coat products are based on painting, so there may be cases where matching streaks and small dents of molds that appear during molding are produced on the product surface. Be sure to perform the substrate processing before painting before use.
   · At the time of vehicle inspection, removal of the high mount stop lamp is necessary.
   · To install this product, drilling of the trunk, cutting work is necessary.

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    Model: 8GQW10


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