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Turbo Kit [K111 TurboKit Ver2,Buff-finished] for Cappuccino(EA21R/95.6-)

K111 Turbo Kit Ver2 Buff Specification

[Compatible models]
Cappuccino [EA21R / 95.6 - 98.10] / K6A / MT

* Please send the ECU to the following address.
Hirama, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka prefecture 438-0203
Tajima Motor Corporation Sales Division
Tel 0538-66-6761

This item becomes the application of the special fare, it costs a separate fare regardless of the purchase price.
Special fares are not reflected in shopping basket, automatic outgoing mail. We will inform you of the fare separately from our company, so please wait. (In the case of transfer, please wait for remittance processing so far)

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    Model: 186531-2820M

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