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Jimny [JA11V/C] [Monster Sports F6A Exhaust Manifold (with exhaust temperature sensor mounting boss)] [255100-5100MS]

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- Exhaust manifold
Feedback of know-how on development of high-performance exhaust manifold based on experience of WRC and S1600 rally engine development to F6A exhaust manifold.
We designed the design that aimed at the power up in the whole area without reducing the flow path length and sacrificing the boost's rising response.

- Precision Casting Forming
By making the exhaust manifold a precision casting with lost wax design freedom, it is possible to achieve a smooth aggregate shape with high accuracy while forming the shortest flow path. Also ensure the necessary wall thickness.
We have balanced performance and strength which can not be achieved with pipe material at high dimensions.

- Heat resistant cast steel
By adopting heat-resistant cast steel as a material, it secures strength and durability / corrosion resistance far exceeding normal cast iron. It was designed to withstand high load operation.

[Product Specification]
Pipe diameter: dia. 27.0 mm ~ dia. 25.0 mm, shape: 3-1 type, material: heat resisting cast steel, weight: about 2.8 kg (normal about 2.0 kg), sensor boss screw size: PT 1/8 )
* gaskets are not included. Please purchase separately.

[Compatible model]
Jimny [JA11V / C (1-5 type)] / F6A / 3AT / 5MT

* Inspect the ignition plug after installing this product. Please use spark plugs more suitable for specifications and conditions.
* Check the state of the fuel pump beforehand, and if performance deterioration is seen, please exchange it to a new one. For fuel pumps whose performance has deteriorated with aging, the fuel injection amount will be insufficient, possibly leading to breakage of parts.
* The thermal effect on the surroundings becomes stronger for normal items. Apply heat shielding measures as necessary.
* This product does not consider combinations with engine parts from other manufacturers and other manufacturer's intake / exhaust parts.
* This product may be canceled specification change without notice.

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