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Flywheel [Chromori Flywheel] For Jimny [JA11/JA12]

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Reduce the rotational moment by reducing the weight of the flywheel. Achieve good ruggedness for accelerator work, sharp rise in rotation. Weight focusing on strength. Performing bench test with computer analysis. We calculate the equivalent weight at each gear, effectively reducing the weight while securing adequate strength.

By reducing the weight of the flywheel, engine stickiness at low revs is eliminated, so it will be easier to stall at the start. If you use a high gear at low speed you will also feel jerky.

Compatible model
Jimny [JA 11 C / V] 90.3 - 95.10 / 4 WD / F 6 A turbo
Jimny [JA 12 C / V] 95.11 - 98.9 / 4 WD / F 6 A turbo
Combined use with genuine clutch or 311100-5100M, 321500-5100M (* 1), 321500-5120M (* 2)

Weight: 5.2 kg (normal 7.3 kg)

* 1 JA 11 V / JA 11 C earlier (body number 100001 to 156432) conformity
* 2 JA11V / JA11C latter term (body number 156433 ~) conform

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    Model: 331100-5100M


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