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LSD [TDX300 LSD] for swift sports ZC32S FF/6MT

Inviting real sports driving, supreme tuning LSD "TDX 300". Refining the basic elements of LSD, it combines traction performance and drivability at a high level. In the case of

*Essentials of sports driving, which surely transmits driving force under all road conditions. Lightweight body such as Swift Sports and powerful compact sports car great effect!
*Refining the basic elements of LSD, achieving both high traction performance and drivability at high level.
*Secure quietness by applying original processing at the ヲフ level to the components from the know-how that has been done so far. We achieved chattering reduction.
*Provides linear and easy-to-handle transient characteristics while improving lock performance against conventional products.

Swift Sports, 11.12 ~, ZC32S, M16A, 6MT, FF

[Product Specification]
Operation method: 1.1 way
Cam angle: 55 。 / 7 。
Shipping initial torque: approx. 8 kg * m
Friction plate diameter: 87 Number of friction plates: 16 sheets
Spring plate number: 2 sheets
Estimated oil change: every 3000 km in case of city driving
Recommended LSD Oil
-Monster Sports "FFX 800" 80 w 90 mineral oil
-Monster Pro Shop Handle Gear Oil made by Moty's
Blend Specifications Characteristics Special mineral oil
-ATS made LSD gear oil 85 w 90 mineral series

*Bearings and oil seals, etc. Please separately prepare parts for which new vehicle replacement is specified at disassembly in each vehicle.
*Performance will be greatly affected by LSD oil (transmission oil) to be used. If LSD oil compatibility is inappropriate, abnormal noise and malfunction may occur.
*Immediately after installation, please do the break-in operation. If not done, it may cause abnormal noise and plate friction abnormality.   Please use this product recommended LSD oil during break-in running.
*After mounting this product, the characteristics and operability of the vehicle will change greatly, so please be careful until you get used to it.
*If you are traveling at high temperature and high load such as circuit, or running with large differential load such as gymkana, please change LSD oil early according to oil temperature and degree.
*This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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    Model: 361130-4850M


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