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Alto Works / Alto Turbo RS (HA 36 S) [Silicon Intercooler Hose Set] [231500 - 7350 M]

Silicon intercooler hose
It is a reinforced intercooler hose of all four layers structure of three layers of VMQ (high strength silicone rubber) boasting high heat resistance, pressure resistance and durability and polyester net lamination + one layer of oil resistant silicon for improving sealability.
It minimizes the expansion of hose during supercharging, reduces loss and improves throttle response.
For the hose band, we adopted a dual bead specification reinforced product that has been proven in SX4WRC and JWRC SWIFT S1600.
It is made into a flash surface with a stainless steel shield with double beads to prevent damage to the hose due to the edge of the band while ensuring high sealing performance.

[Compatible model]
Alto Works [HA36S] 15.12 ~, FF / 4WD
Alto Turbo RS [HA36S] 15.03 ~, FF / 4WD

Silicon intercooler hose: 1 turbine side, 1 throttle side each, hose band (dual bead specification): 4 pieces

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    Model: 231500-7350M


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