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Every Wagon (DA17W) [Monster Sports Aerodynamics Bumper Front * Standard Specification (Fog Included)] [711000-3900M] *** Special fare / private home

Aero style
In order to improve the cooling performance, a new opening was provided in the grill portion, and the shape of each part was optimized by data, experience and knowledge obtained by the wind tunnel experiment. I reduced the air resistance while obtaining the necessary downforce.

Improved cooling efficiency
The opening of the grill part which is not in the normal is installed, it is possible to take in a large amount of air, and the cooling performance improves.

Design reminiscent of sharp running
By contrasting with the design of a calm image of normal, making it a sporty design strongly boosts the image of compact lightweight sports.

Adapted to external protrusion standard
It conforms to the new exterior standard (external protrusion regulation), so it is best for a car that you want to keep on for a long time.

Since FRP gel coat products are based on painting, there may be cases where matching streaks and small dents of molds that appear during molding are produced on the product surface. Be sure to perform the ground treatment and then paint before use.

[Product Specification]
* Material: FRP
* Specifications: Black gel coat finish (unpainted)
* Mounting: No processing Bolt on
* Accessories: Bumper body, net set, bolt, nut, emblem

[Compatible model]
* Vehicle type: EVERY (W) PZ Turbo / PZ Turbo Special *1
* Model: DA17W/V *2

*1 Aero dynamics When the bumper front is attached, the total length of the vehicle will be longer than the normal length of about 15 mm. Since this product is included in "designated parts (automobile parts that will be minor changes)" specified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's notification, and corresponds to the fixed mounting method, please refer to the separate " With regard to handling in ", the continued vehicle inspection is not a problem, but minicar registration can not be done when new car registration or used new registration. In that case you need to return to the genuine bumper.
*2 When installing 711000-3900M (fog included) to DA17V, it is necessary to prepare separately a fog lamp that can be installed with genuine bumper.

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