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Meter [2 Meter Pod] for Jimny [JB23W] / Jimny Sierra [JB43W]

It is a duplex type meter pod which can lay out 2 additional meters of dia.52 smartly.

- Functional design and securing of window visibility
We place emphasis on not obstructing the forward visibility while giving top priority to the visibility of the meter and realize comfort that can not be obtained with a general-purpose mounting jig.

- Hood shape that prevents glare due to sunlight
Impression, reflection prevention hood setting is pursuing exquisite balance that does not disturb operability while directing luxury feeling on one class.

- Surface treatment
It was dark gray · grained finish according to the texture of the dashboard. You can produce high quality sporty cockpits without painting.

*Attention Meter body, harness etc. are not included in this product.

- Conformity · Product information
Specifications: gray sieve painted finish / meter support up to 40 mm in depth
Jimny [JB23W] / 5 type confirmation / 6 type ~ 502499: confirmed, 502500 ~: conformity / conforming to 7 ~ 10 type conformity
Jimny Sierra [JB43W] / 4 type confirmation / 5 type ~ 300205: confirmed, 300206 ~: conformance / 6 ~ 9 type conform

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    Model: 852500-5200M


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