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Muffler [TYPE Sp-X muffler] Ignis [FF21S] For FF vehicles*** Special fare separately / Individual home delivery not possible ***

TYPE Sp-X series unique torque up of low and medium speed range and sports sound make a difference to the enjoyment of Ignis' run. Moreover, the beauty peculiar to polished stainless steel refines its styling.

We have acquired the new system "adaptive muffler pre-certification system" adapted for production car after April 1, 2010, so you can wear it with peace of mind.

[Compatible model]
SUZUKI Ignis [FF 21 S / 16.2 -] K 12 C + WA 05 A / HYBRID MZ, MX, MG / CVT / FF

[Product Specification]
Main pipe diameter / 50.8 mm
Tail end diameter / 76.3 mm
Material: Main pipe: SUS304
Silencer: SUS304
Weight / About 6.2 kg
Proximity Exhaust Noise / 80 db
Security standards / conformity of road transport vehicles
Heisei 10 years noise regulation / conformity
Technical standard of exterior (regulation of external protrusion) / conformity
Pre-certification system for replacement muffler / correspondence

[Product composition]
· Muffler body (silencer) x 1
· Reinforced exhaust mount x 2 · Flange gasket x 1
· Bolt x 2 · Nut x 2 · Heat shield sheet x 1
· Documentation documents -
  Because the diameter of the muffler tail is large, the gap with the bumper becomes small. Also, when the muffler tail comes into contact with the bumper, the bumper melts.
* The 1998 noise regulation refers to the reference value of 96 dB of proximity exhaust noise (decibel: unit of sound magnitude).
* The proximity exhaust noise value of this product and conformity to various standards are those at the time of brand new.
The muffler is a consumable item. The volume will increase with use. It also corrodes.
Since the position of the muffler tail will be lower, the risk of contacting the car stop etc. of the parking lot will be higher than normal. Please note that clearance will be less especially when full riding.
This product may be discontinued due to specification change without prior notice.

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