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Foot Rest [Sport Foot Rest:Red] for Swift Sport ZC32S/ZC72S

Our dead pedal (foot rest) can help maintain a firm driving position for long drives and enable accurate pedal operation, which may contribute to less fatigue overall.
*NOTE* Installation requires drilling 2 holes in the front center tunnel. This part cannot be installed if you have removed the floor carpeting with the bare floor visible.
[I] Raising the dead pedal/foot rest height
The driver feels more connected to the car by aligning the height to the throttle pedal.
Corrects pedal to pedal relations for better steering and pedal operations.
[II] Larger `footprint'
Better foothold thanks to the increased foot area.
[III] Dimple finish
The foot area is dimpled finish for extra strength and helps prevent foot slippage during drives.
[IV] Monster logo laser engraved
The logo of the monster is laser engraved on the center part.
[V] Specifications
Material,Aluminum (Anodized finish)
Weight ,226g
M5 truss head tapping screws (L = 20mm) [3ea]
Washer (T = 3) [1ea]

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    Model: 842571-4850M


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