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clutch pedal and footrest set [ the clutch pedal and footrest set Alto Works [HA36S] MTvehicles / Clear]

And "sports driving clutch pedal" and "sport footrest", set of at Best Price. By simultaneous exchange of the two, to achieve and the driving position was stable from day-to-day until the time of sports driving, the ideal pedal layout.

[Sports driving clutch pedal]
* This product is a component dedicated to the competition. There is no content that conflicts with the "safety standards of road transport vehicles" accompanying this product installation, and it does not correspond to "the necessary range of notification of remodeled cars" (as of March, Heisei 28). However, since the clutch lever is not included in "Designated parts (automobile parts that are minor changes)" specified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's notification, depending on the opinion of each inspection institution and voluntary measures, Inspection "or" certification of performance and safety "may be required.
* The gap with the floor (mat / resin part) when stepping on becomes small. Please note.

[Sports Foot Rest]
* When installing, it is necessary to process holes in two places on the body (floor, center tunnel).
* Depending on the footrest installation position and the floor mat spreading position, you may not be able to avoid the mat.
* When "Sports Foot Rest" is used in combination with the normal clutch pedal, there is a risk of interfering with clutch operation. Please use with "Sports driving clutch pedal".

[compatible model]
Alto Works / 15.12 ~ / HA36S / MT /FF/4WD
Alto / 14.12 ~ / HA36S / 5MT / FF / 4WD
Arutoban / 14.12 ~ / HA36V / 5MT / FF / 4WD

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    Model: 849561-7350M


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