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Brake disc rotor[Brake disc rotor front]For Swift Sport[ZC31S]

Absolute and braking force, control, yet anti-judder of Swift Sport (ZC31S) dedicated brake rotor was repeatedly developed the aim test to improve.
- Swift Sport (ZC31S) dedicated specification
Six Ashirai slit, to optimize the carbon content, has developed a brake rotor as the Swift Sport (ZC31S) only.

- Improvement of the control of
Braking force by optimizing the carbon content, we have achieved a balance of control improvement. With to ensure the comfort of the everyday, also it makes it easier to controllable braking in a hard situation to the brake by the circuit driving.

- Improvement of anti-judder performance
By applying optimum heat treatment to the brake rotors (quenching), also the strain and cracks under high load braking situation was made difficult specifications occurs.
In circuit racing, etc., it is recommended for those who suffer in the judder due to cracking or distortion due to the increase of the brake load.

- Fashion
Monster Red visible from the gap between the wheel will produce a sporty.
In addition, subjected to a baking finish in the heat-resistant paint, with rust resistant specification we also consideration to the fashion of a long life.

[Compatible model]
SUZUKI Swift Sport: ZC31S, 05.9 ~

* The brake disc rotor is normal replacement type. Normal caliper, pads, but can be used without modification, is to maximize the performance we recommend the use of MS-made brake pad.

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