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ECU+Turbo Kit。ホTurbo Kit PRO type-HR Package A]Jimny JB23W (MSK6-06 turbine)

adopted a turbo kit PRO type-HR (High Response)

"MSK6-06" turbo charger, while emphasizing the characteristics of the mid-speed range, was tuned by the peak power and the balance of the high-speed range . Such as those raised the normal characteristics, the easy to handle natural feeling, to achieve a high power region. Such as commuting and shopping, bring a margin in everyday riding, it is a smart turbo kit.

Set contents
-MSK6-06 turbo charger (gasket with)
- only full-range sports computer N2
- high flow intercooler
-NGK racing plug

[compatible model]
Jimny JB23W
Type7 (08.06 ~ 10.08) / 5MT (186560-5270MA)
Type7 (08.06 ~ 10.08) / 4AT (186565-5270MA)
Type8 (10.09 ~ 12.04) / 5MT (186560-5280MA)
Type8 (10.09 ~ 12.04) / 4AT (186565-5280MA)
Type9 (12.05 ~ 14.06) / 5MT (186560-5290MA)
Type9 (12.05 ~ 14.06) / 4AT (186565-5290MA)
Type10 (14.07 ~) / 5MT (186560-5210MA)
Type10 (14.07 ~) / 4AT (186565-5210MA)
[other fit conditions]
- is the next MONSTER SPORT parts installed simultaneously assumes.
PFX400 intake kit (8IBP20)
cross-country muffler 3 (241120-5200M)

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