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Exhaust Manifold[4-2-1 Racing Exhaust Manifold]SwiftSport ZC31S

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Circuit (closed course) exclusive exhaust manifold.
It is an exhaust manifold which derived the 4-2-1 shape which is optimum for M16 and M19 based on experience of engine development for S1600 rally. We refined the performance with a bench test for several months and made the shape thoroughly.
4-2-1 Racing Exhaust manifold is ideal for circuit running and racing with NA cars and supercharged cars.

Monsters full range sports computer NA - A recommended simultaneous placement. Rewriting may be required depending on other parts such as piston and camshaft. It corresponds also to MX160 kit (SC-B2 spec etc).

-Support for ECU update
Those who use our ECU can reset (data rewrite) at 10,000 yen (tax excluded price / including shipping cost) by using ECU update ticket .

[Compatible models]
Swift Sports ZC31S

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* Make-to-order product
* I can not accept cancellation after ordering.

* Simultaneous wearing of monster full range sports computer NA - A is recommended. Also supports MX 160 kits (SC-B2 spec etc).
(It may be necessary to rewrite with other parts such as piston and camshaft.)
* Exhaust manifold gasket (Suzuki genuine parts: 14140-69 G02) and ring seal (Suzuki genuine parts: 14183- 65D00) is not included. Separately, please prepare a new item.
* Simultaneous installation with genuine exhaust manifold cover, Monster Titanium Ekimani plate can not be done.
* This product is a product developed for competition so you can not use it on general public roads.
* When you purchase this product, you will be required to submit "Competition Parts Usage Pledge". Pledge here

- Specifications Pipe diameter: dia.42. 7mm - dia. 45.0mm - dia. 50.8mm shape: 4-2-1 type Material: stainless steel SUS304 Weight: About 5.1 kg (normal about 7 kg)
Kit contents: Exhaust manifold ASSY, Nut x 2 * * Use Suzuki genuine parts (14140-69 G02) for the exhaust manifold gasket and Suzuki genuine parts (14183-65 D00) for the ring seals. Since it is not attached, please prepare a new item separately.

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    Model: 255152-4650M


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