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Rear camber sim[Rear camber sim for SWIFT] for for SWIFT SPORT(ZC31S)

For camber change of the wheel due to the stroke is small in the twist-beam rear suspension of ZC31S, the stronger the hit pieces of tire when you roll in the corners.

By mounting the camber shims enables setting the ground camber angle, you can secure the tire contact area during cornering, it is possible to enhance the performance limit of the vehicle.

Products manufactured at the factory, which has produced a rally vehicle such as WRC. It was finished with high precision taper machining parts for the same competition.

- Although this product will be the form of -1.5 degree add a camber angle with respect to the genuine, the tolerance on the vehicle production, there is a possibility that some of the difference occurs in the additional amount.
- With the camber angle added reduces piece of tire may occur.
- There is a case where the braking distance is extended by mounting.

[Compatible model]
Suzuki Swift Sport /ZC31S/05.09- (Type 1 -)

[Product Specifications]
- Material: duralumin (A2017 maximum thickness: 3.0mm)
- Weight: about 2kg (spacer + body)
- Specifications: Red anodized finish
- Installation: Mounting in supplied bolt between the brake parts and the trailing arm (One side 4 points screwed). 「ィ removal of important safety parts (brake caliper) is required for mounting.

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    Model: 586500-4650M


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