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Piston[4G63 dia.85.5mm FORGED PISTONS KIT]For Lancer Evo

We have developed a forged oversize piston for 4G63 as for trial competitions.
The piston material, using a forged material of high strength improved, high supercharging of the competition for the turbo engine, as well as corresponding to the high output, to improve the gas seal to optimize the 3D profile of the elliptical barrel, the power and response It lets.

「」 Specifications
Corresponding engine: MITSUBISHI 4G63 EVO.4-9
Piston diameter: 85.5mm (normal 85mm)
Weight: 325g (normal about 353g)
Exhaust amount: 2020cc
Piston crown volume: 13.4cc
Sinking amount from the cylinder block top: 0.3mm
Compression ratio *: about 8.7

* MS is strengthening seal reference value when it was fitted with a metal head gasket (3FAH10). Please check the actual measurement always.

「」 Kit contents
Forged Piston x 4
Piston ring set x 4
Piston pin x 4
Circlip x 8

- documents of strength study manual, etc. are not included.
- This product can not be used on public roads because it is a product that has been developed for the competition.
- When you purchase this product will be asked to submit a "competition for parts used Pledge". oath here 「ヘPDF
- 4G63 when combined with normal connecting rod, you will need to width justified processing of the connecting rod. About width justified processed >>

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    Model: 3FAB21


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