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Air Cleaner box AIRBO X300 [air box 300] For HUSTLER/MR31S

"AIRBO X300 (air box 300)" is the air cleaner system of air induction box expression.
Plays as well as ensuring the air cleaner area of the large capacity in a limited engine space, and by integrally molding the air duct leading to the front of the fresh air efficiently to the air cleaner, the lower the resistance of the intake, the inhibition of the intake air temperature below.

_Adopt a large air filter
By setting to approximately 1.6 times the area of the filter paper air cleaner in the standard ratio, reducing the intake resistance

_Set the air guide to the direction of travel By directing the entrance of the air cleaner box in the vehicle traveling direction, you can capture the fresh air aggressively.

_The upper case to carbon
The upper case of the air cleaner box it was in carbon clear gel coat finish. It will produce a different impression from the bare air cleaner.

[ Compatible model ]
SUZUKI Hustler (MR31S. / 14.1 ~ / R06A turbo / type 1 ~)
MAZDA flare crossover (14.1 ~ / MS31S / R06A turbo / type 1 ~)

[Product Specifications]
_Air cleaner element
PFX300 large type ( filter paper area 2,120cm2)
* Exchange repair filter part number : SD18 ( 4,500- tax)
air induction case
_Upper: carbon clear gel coat finish
Lore : FRP black gel coat finish
_Inner plate
Steel cathodic electrodeposition coating t = 1.6mm
About 1.2kg
Mounting parts set such as mounting bolts

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    Model: 214500-7200M


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