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Pedal [Pedal Cover/Clear Anodized] for SWIFT SPORT ZC31S/MT

In motor sports scene, with the aim to further improve the operability of the Swift Sport (ZC31S) of normal pedal heel-and-toe, it has developed a sports driving pedal cover.

Is subjected to burring processing which is effective to slip in brake / clutch pedal, accelerator pedal and drilling, it has a configuration that enables exquisite acceleration work by realizing an appropriate slip.

In addition, by making the convex portion of the accelerator pedal, also operation of the heel-and-toe improvement. To prevent stepping simultaneous brake pedal and the accelerator pedal even during emergency panic braking, by putting the bending to the extent that without sacrificing the operability of the heel and toe, and has achieved both the operability and safety.

「」 Monster logo laser engraved input

「」 easy attachment
Special processing to the product of the attachment is not required. By using the existing hole, you can be it is possible to conclude easy and securely fixed in the bolt and nut. In addition, the mounting holes and by a dedicated design, it was realized not fitting in general-purpose products.

[Product Specifications]
Material: aluminum (clear anodized finish)
- M4 hexagon Flat Head Screw L = 12mm 。゚ 10
- M4 nut 。゚ 10
- M4 washer 。゚ 10

[Compatible model]
Swift Sport ZC31S (MT)

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    Model: 849500-4650M


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