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Air filter[Carbon Cabin Filters Type-2 CFX-S3]SwiftSport/Swift

Carbon cabin filter PM2.5 corresponding specification

Size: 183.5 。゚ 177 。゚ 29

The cabin filter, it is a filter to be attached to the air conditioning of the vehicle. This is the home of the parts that require periodic replacement like the air conditioning.
By replacing the high-performance filter, reduced to reduce the burden on the vehicle resistance.
Carbon Cabin filter filters filter paper blended with the activation Lee Ted carbon (activated carbon) 「ィ and antimicrobial agent, and applying the technology PFX300, has a two-layer structure.
It combines excellent dust removal performance, the effect of deodorizing and antibacterial.

And high dust removal performance
By fiber diameter to use the fine non-woven fabric, it captures exactly the fine particles, such as pollen.
CFX-S # series will also effective to fine particles such as PM2.5.

「ィ activation Lee Ted carbon (activated carbon) and small gas water and molecular weight is not adsorbed, it is the carbon that has a property of adsorbing other substances. Tobacco and exhaust gas, is effective in deodorizing pet odor. The carbon cabin filter is dark gray color it is for this.

The filter that was used long, such as the corpse of sand, insects have attached a lot. Cabin filters, we recommend the replacement of one year or 15,000km.

· The main compatible model
Wagon R (MH21S / 22S), Serbo (HG21S), Swift Sports (ZC31S), Swift (Z # 11 / 21S)
「ィ other Suzuki cars and, there is also conform the vehicle Mazda-Nissan.

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