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Battery Bracket Type-SA for SWIFT SPORT/JIMNY

It has developed a battery stays that can produce a sporty engine room with a simple mounting. I will color to glamorous engine room with bright red monster.

The fabricated by shaving from a high-grade aluminum block, not only looks, kept the weight increase in terms of strength is secured. It is recommended to refresh of the stay that was corrosion in the long-term use.

Wide range of vehicles, to accommodate the battery type, also in Type-SA and recent battery for idling stop cars strength emphasis I have set the Type-SB of the corresponding slim shape.

[Type-SA compatible model]
Swift Sport (ZC32S / 11.12 ~ / 1 type ~)
Swift Sport (ZC31S / 05.09 ~ / 1 type ~)
Swift Sport (HT81S / 03.06 ~ / 1 type ~)
Swift (ZC72S / ZD72S / 10.09 ~ / 1 type ~)
Swift (ZC71S / ZD71S / 07.05 ~ / 1 type ~)
Swift (ZC21S / ZD21S / ZC11S / ZD11S / 07.05 ~ / 1 type ~)
Swift (HT51S / 00.02 ~ / 1 type ~)
Jimny (JB23W / 02.01 ~ / 4 type ~)
Jimny Sierra / wide (JB43W / JB33W / 97.12 ~)
Solio (MA36S/MA26S/15.08。チ/1 type。チ)(MA15S/11.01~15.07/Type1~3)
Solio Bandit (MA36S/15.08。チ/1 type。チ)(MA15S/12.06~15.07/Type2~3)
Ignis (FF 21 S / 1 type ~)

- above information when you confirm or consider the suitability of this product, will be the vehicle that was used.
- even with no vehicle listed in "compatible model" information, it will fit if the mounting conditions are met.
- even in vehicles that are listed in the above-mentioned "compatible model" information, grade or year, you may not be installed depending on the specifications of the specifications of the vehicle or battery,. Always check on the size of this product, please check in advance whether can be attached to the vehicle.
- This product is a part to fix the battery, if the friction by mounting or vibration occurs, you may anodized peels off the contact portion.
- This product does not improve corrosion resistance. Please be careful not to adhere the battery liquid.

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    Model: 297100-0000SA


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