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Electronic Indicator [Pillar Meter Hood, 60mm,FRP] for SwiftSport ZC32S/Swift ZC72S

I have set a pillar meter hood which houses the meter of

ヲユ60 for Swift Sport / Swift.

functional design and compatible window visibility ensure
    I was a functional design to blend seamlessly into the interior design for the
Swift Sport (ZC32S) / Swift (ZC72S).
      While minimizing the viewpoint movement during operation, it is not obstructed the view of the window, we achieved a perfect balance.
surface treatment
    There was an gray grain paint finish that is close to the
interior color. It is possible to produce a sporty cockpit in high quality without having to paint.

    [Compatible model]   
model Type Type Remarks
Swift Sport ZC32S 1 type / type 2
Swift ZC72S / ZD72S 1 type / type 2/3-inch
    [Product Specifications]   
Material FRP
surface treatment gray grain paint finish
size ヲユ60
weight about 150g
  • body 。゚ 1
  • double-sided tape (t: 1.2 。゚ 10 。゚ 100) 。゚ 5
  • dish tapping screw 。゚ 4
  • MONSTER SPORT emblem
  • for processing paper 。゚ 1
  • manual

  1. 「ィ meter body is sold separately.
  3. 「ィ depth of from the mounting surface of the mounting possible electronic meter it is 40mm or less (Defi Racer Gauge equivalent).

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    Model: 851510-4850M


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