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Air Filters [Power Filter PFX300 ND1]

PFX400 and trade-in type power filter

using the filter material of PFX600 PFX300 is, PFX400 / 600 and is a thing high dust collection efficiency to use the same filter filter media 210NR is an open-type filter, low intake resistance was both, it is a trade-in type filter of specially designed vehicle.

trade-in type filter, it is possible to accept the normal of the air box (air cleaner box), without sucking the hot air in the engine room, can feed the fresh air in the engine cold .

mounting only be replaced with a genuine air filter. You can easily mounted even user like.

In addition, open-type air cleaner has been limited by regulation, it can be used in motor sports. Its performance is proven in the world of events.

filter purpose of the thing to protect the engine and turbo in ... outstanding dust-collecting capacity.

- newly developed filter material 210NR is, by outstanding dust collection performance, captures without leaking harmful sand, dust, iron powder to the engine and turbo.
- 10 micrometer class of No.1 filter, by a two-layer two-stage precipitator No.2 filter of 1 micrometer class, achieving a cleaning efficiency of 98%. Not to inhale the sand like the other sports filter.

to more distant, and I want to enjoy the sport longer, and forever. For

- performance maintenance, inspection and cleaning in the 5000km, it is recommended the exchange of 10000km. Exchange of goods is required even if it is not reached the 10000km If the dirt of the filter there is severe or damaged.
- Since you can not filter the water washing, etc. Please note.

Size: 280 * 168 * 35
filter media area: 3220cm2

car name / model / engine model / exhaust amount
Genuine Parts No.: 16546-AA020,16546-AA050
Impreza / GC8, GDB / EJ20T / 2000
Genuine Parts No.: 16546-V0100, AY120-NS001
Fairlady Z / Z33 / VQ35DE / 3500
Skyline / R32 / 33 / 34 / RB25DET / 2500, R32 / 33/34 / RB26DETT / 2600, V35 / VQ25DE / 2500, HV35 / VQ35DE / 3500
Silvia / 180SX / S13 / 14/15 / SR20DET / 2000
pulser / HN15 / SR18DE / 1800
Stagea / C34 / RB25DET / 2500, C34 breaks / RB26DETT / 2600, NM35 / VQ25DD / DET / 2500, HM35 / VQ35DE / 3500

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