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Bore up piston kit [M19 Bore Up Piston Kit] SwiftSport(ZC31S/Turbo,SC)

*** Important ***
This item is "built to order". You may not cancel your order once you place your order and make payment.
Due to nature of specialty product, payment by bank transfer only and PayPal is not accepted.
Please contact info@monster-shop.jp for quote and details.

This product is a build-to-order manufacturing goods. Please contact us for delivery time.

Displacement of M16A becomes 1,884cc from 1,586cc, keeping same stroke.
Performance, strength, weight and shape have confirmed by 3D computer simulation.

*This kit needs full range computer or sub-computer re-setting.
*It is necessary cylinder block processing in order to install.
*This item is for Racing.

Part name
Part number
M19 Bore Up Piston Kit
Turbo/Super charger
Swift Sport ZC31S

Displacement. 1,884cc
[Standard 1,586cc]
Bore 。゚ stroke 85mm。゚83mm
[Standard 78mm。゚78mm]
Compression [With high compression cylinder head.] Turbo/Super charger 10.5[Standard 11.1]
Attachments ヲユ85 Forged piston。゚4
Piston ring set。゚4
Piston pin。゚4
Head gasket。゚1

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    Model: 139560-4650M


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