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Oil Sensor Adapter[Oil Sensor Adapter]for Swift Sport

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[Oil sensor attachment]

It is a lightweight and compact sandwich block designed pursuing a compact shape for swift sports.
Ideal for fitting of oil temperature / hydraulic pressure sensor for additional meter.
On the side of the main unit, the monster's logo enters.

-3 port design
Space saving design with three sensor holes and suppressing protrusion during sensor mounting.
It can flexibly correspond to different peripheral parts layout depending on the type of car, supercharger presence, and other mounted items.
* The available sensor hole positions and the positions where each sensor can be mounted differ depending on the model and sensor size and are also limited. We do not assume installation of three or more sensors.

-25 t Thin type design
In the case of a vehicle equipped with an oil filter facing downward, the filter moves to the lower side of the vehicle body by pinching the attachment block. With a thin design of 25 mm thickness, the oil filter protrusion to the underside of the chassis is minimized to ensure clearance to the ground. Also, in the case of a vehicle with an oil filter mounted horizontally, the clearance to peripheral parts can be secured to the maximum.

- Oil filter PFX100 compatible
When used in combination with the oil filter PFX100, the height of the oil filter can be suppressed.
Especially, since the vehicle with the oil filter installed downward can secure the clearance against the ground, it can be mounted without protruding to the underside of the chassis.

- Center bolt size: 3/4 - 16 UNF (Suzuki car, others)

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