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Shift Knob [Monster Sports Shift Knob B Type (Stick Type) / Black Screw Type] M12xP1.25

Heat is not easily transmitted, adopt easy to feel a sense of shift operation polymeric material polyacetal resin (Duracon) to the material.
To help you choose to match the interior coordination, we have prepared two types of color.
[ Product Specifications ]
  Screw size: M12 * 1.25 (L = 25)
  Conformity Manufacturer: Toyota / Subaru / Suzuki * (MT vehicles only) * Required shaft diameter, length check
  Material: Polyacetal (Duracon)
  Weight: 85g
  Accessories: shift pattern emblem (for 5-speed)
* Swift Sports (ZC31S) 1 type (~ 07.5) is not installed Type 2 (07.5) and later to the fit

* Even if the thread size is compatible, installation may not be possible. Please refer to the dimensional drawing shown separately, please confirm whether it can be installed beforehand.
* The logo printed on the knob may cause "peeling" depending on usage conditions.
* Discharge marks generated during logo marking may appear white near the logo mark. Please note.
* When installing the shift knob, the logo may not come to the front. Please note.

    Model: 831140-0000M


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